Enchanted Music Together Policies


                              Enchanted Music Together Music Policies


Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please use our online registration form to reserve your child's place in class. You have the option to pay later (tuition is due no later than the first week of class send payments to address on Home page) or pay online at the time of your registration.  There is no service fee for returning families.

A full refund will be given if you withdraw will be issued until one week before classes begin.  Like most programs, we cannot normally refund or give credit for classes missed during the semester, even if absences have been frequent. Nonetheless, at the discretion of the director, partial credit may be provided toward future classes in cases of prolonged absence due to severe illness, or other unusual circumstances. Processing fees are non-refundable. Refunds will be issued by check only.  Cancellations after the one week deadline will be subject to a $60 cancellation fee. NO tuition refunds will be given after the first day of class. 

Late Fee:  A $25 late fee will be applied if payment has not been submitted by the 3rd week of classes. A reminder will be sent out to avoid late fees.

Class times and teachers are subject to change at any time. Notices will be sent out if any changes are made. 

Make-up Policy and Absences:
We do not issue refunds for missed classes. Each family unlimited  make up classes per semester using our online make up scheduler. To schedule a make up class, please click on Makeup Scheduler to schedule a make up. Make up code is sent out via email at the begining of the semester.

Siblings and Other Guests:
**There is an extra $20 fee per class when bringing a non-registered guest age 6 or younger. Newborn to 6 months are free and the only exception to the non-registered guest fee.**  
The $20 is payable to the teacher on the day of class.  Please do not abuse this guest privilege. It is meant to be used for occasional visits from siblings on non-school days and in special circumstances. All Adult Guest are welcome at no charge.  All guests are expected to join in and be active participants in our classes rather than bystanders.

Class Closings:
In the case of inclement weather or other acts of nature, a decision about whether to hold classes will be made by 7am on the day of class. We will post pertinent information on our facebook  and Instagram pages, and will send an email to classes if class is going to be cancelled. If a scheduled class is cancelled by the instructor for any reason, every effort will be made to offer a make-up class.

We recognize that it is every parent’s desire to document the activities that their children are involved in. However, in the interest of creating an environment where parents are fully engaged, we ask that no videotaping or photography be done in class. The final day of class will be “bring your camera to class” day, and media release forms will be available for that particular day. We also are happy to facilitate the use of our props for pictures 15 minutes before or after class.

Please turn off cell phones or turn option to vibrate if it’s necessary that you have it on. If you must use your phone for any reason, please step outside of the classroom to do so.


Drinking and eating should take place outside of the classroom to avoid distractions. Bottle and breast feeding during class is acceptable. We also ask that all toys be kept outside of the classroom.

         *   Please try not to leave class early if at all possible, as it creates a distraction for the rest of the class.
         *   Please wash instruments with wipes provided in class after your child has placed them in their mouth. It is completely age-appropriate for babies to mouth instruments, and we encourage exploration.
If your child is crying, use your best judgment as to when it may be best to take them out of the room and give them some time to calm down.
Allow your child roaming freedom as long as they are maintaining safe behavior. We encourage exploration! However, please remember that no room is entirely child proof. If you must intervene, try to do so while continuing to be musically engaged.
It is not necessary to manipulate your child’s appendages in time to the music. It is best to model for them and allow your child to react on their own.
Our goal for our 45 minute class time is to create a complete musical immersion experience for your children. Try not to give your children verbal instruction. We ask that you model the behavior you want from your child, and use musical ways to communicate to them (such as singing the instruction you wish to give) rather than talking.
Please try to keep socializing down between songs. If you are socializing, you may miss important developmental achievements of your child. Remember, our goal is a complete musical immersion experience. The classroom will be open for 15 minutes prior and time allowing 15 minutes after each class to allow time for socializing with others.