4yr olds and 2yr olds & Infants?

Is It Really Okay For My Four-Year Old To Be In A Class With Two-Year Olds And Infants?

At Enchanted Together we like to promote mixed-age classes for this reason as well as others.  Role modeling one of the basic ways that we learn throughout our lives.   Sometimes as children become more aware of their sorroundings and what they "should" do.  Mixed-age classes tend to take the pressure off. A two-year old will tend to participate more freely because they are so absorbed in the fun and very unaware that someone may be watching them. It is a carefree age. Mixed-age classes offer the older child a chance to be a leader in the class and give unique and individual ideas that the younger children may not be able to convey at this age. Younger children then often validate the older child's idea by following along readily and look to them for the next idea or suggestion. It is through this growing process that we have found mixed-age classes truly do promote learning, comfort and independent expression while continuing the fun and helping the older child to develop and grow as well.

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