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Quotes from our Families

"This music program is magical as it creates a place and time amidst our unrelenting pace of existence for a parent and a child to be fully connected, and in the moment while surrounded by music. 

All three of my children have attended in the span of 10 years, and this is the place where we've created the most lasting and tactile memories. Anna gently infuses class with pearls of wisdom that liberate the parents to have joyful fun of their own, and to share it with the littles.  The class helps strengthen the loving connections across the family as it is open to siblings and extended family.

The music follows us back home, to the car and to the park continuing to strengthen the sweet parent-child bond that is reaffirmed weekly with a new class and a new tune to explore together.   ANNA IS THE BEST"    


"My daughter is 2 1/2 and we have been in Anna's class together for almost year. She frequently requests music class songs as her bedtime songs, but the other evening she asked for "Mommy songs." I happily sang her part of James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind." When I started her second song, she stopped me and said excitedly, "That sounds like the same author!" I was singing a different James Taylor song. I am delighted that she has learned to listen so closely. She was thrilled to learn that she was correct--it was the same author."


"When we got home from class yesterday, My daughter went running to her toy box to pull out her instrument bag and asked me to make music with her! She also asked my husband the same thing when he got home from work hours later. When I told her I was emailing you about going to class this weekend, she picked up my tablet and told me she was going to email you to say thank you for a great class today. Then she grabbed her baby stroller and told me she would see me later because she was going to Ms. Anna's class. I thought this was all very sweet and wanted to share with you how happy you make her each week. Thank you so much for being such an important part of our week!"


"Thank you Anna for your terrific program!  B. and I have enjoyed learning and playing tremendously.  Your dedication to music literacy is totally inspirational!  Your class has been an integral part of our smooth adjustment to our new home on the East Coast. Thank you!"


"We've had a fantastic time with Sam in the 10am Sunday class and won't have a chance to say bye to her. What an amazing talent for music and connection to kids — and ability to make adults feel comfortable being silly with strangers too!"


"Both my 4.5 year-old son and now 2 year-old daughter have experienced (and still are) this amazing program. This program has supported my children's development. They love music and love to express themselves!"


"I highly recommend taking a classes with her. It will enrich you child's love of music. I have been going to Anna's music class for more than seven years with various kids. She is a patient, kind and dedicated teacher. She makes learning music fun and exciting, with various games and activities. Kids, parents and caregivers love her. She is a true gem."

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