Enchanted Music Together Classes

Enchanted Music Together Class Types

When you hear the phrase, “kids’ music classes,” you might envision a room with a teacher in front of a semi-circle of
children, with a line of adults standing against the wall, lattes in hand. In reality, Music Together classes are informal, and all about family fun! In our classes, the grownups have
just as much fun as the children as everyone sings, dances, and plays rhythm instruments- together! (No latte required.) And take-home materials that every family receives, to help
continue the fun at home.

Enchanted Music Together, offers a range of class types by age group-
babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and Rhythm Kids®! In our classes, a
variety of ages, stages and learning styles are welcome.
Take a look at what we offer. There’s certain to be a class that’s just right for you and your family.


Babies Classes

  Your baby was born to make music, and our Babies Class is the perfect way to start! Designed for babies from birth through 8 months, this one-semester introductory class shows you lots of ways to interact musically with your infant and helps connect you with other new moms and dads in your community.    Learn More



Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers—and the grownups who love them!—play and learn together in our Mixed-Age classes, for children from birth through age 5. Interactive and stimulating, Mixed-Age classes feature family-style learning in an informal, communal setting.                 Learn More           




                            Rhythm Kids for your older child!
                   Find your Jam!

Rhythm Kids® is an interactive drum and rhythm-based music program where kids explore
                 songs from around the world. Rhythm Kids® encourages your child to have fun while
                    learning—all the way fromdrumroll to encore!           Learn More