Family Rewards Program


Family Rewards Program

   Share the music, spread the love! Music Together has grown and flourished across the country and throughout the world thanks to YOU spreading the word about our classes. We want to say thank you!    

For every new family you refer to Enchanted Music Together, and that family enrolls, you receive a $5 credit.  Refer one family, get $5. Refer five families, get $25. This credit gets applied directly to your account.

Rules for Referring (currently enrolled families) Families
 •  Use our Referral form to send an email to the family you want to reffer.

Remember to let them know to put your name in the desginated referral spot on the registration form Family Referral Form
 •  Only after new family registers and typedin your full name in the "Reffered By" box will the $5 be applied to your account.   There is no limit to how many credits you can receive for referrals.
 •  Credits are non-transferable.
 •  Credits are per family referred, not per child.
 •  Credits may only to be applied to tuition - they have no cash value.

Rules for Referral (new) Families

    • Remember to put in the full name of the family that referred you to our program.
    • Referrals good per family, not per child.
    • Referral Families must be new to Enchanted Music Together. No exceptions.

                                                                                  Questions? Call or text (267)242-3874



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