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Mini 3 Week Holiday Session!

November 26 - December 14th - Drop in option available

Nothing brings out the joy of singing more than the holiday season! We are offering  Music Together Holiday Collection. We will sing and play with Music Together Family Favorites, thumpety-thump with "Frosty, the Snowman" and make enthusiastic use of our "Jingle Bells". If you have not yet joined us, this 3 week class is a wonderful introduction to our program! Registration is now open!

Winter Session

In January we will jump into our all new Drum Collection. This will be the second songbook in the brand new series! Your little ones will love jumping and hiding in "John the Rabbit" and "Sneak and Peek". You'll all be mesmerized by the beautiful lullaby, "Arroró, mi niño" and enjoy the the catchy rhythms of "Jim Jam Drummer". In addition to ten weekly classes, tuition includes audio recordings to play at home and on the go, a colorful illustrated family songbook, and resources with bonus music-making ideas to try at home. We have a wonderful time building community and learning together with the modeling and participation of our grown ups (Mixed Age classes are for children 0-5 years).  Registration is now open!

Best Educational Expereince!



Local moms & dads just picked us as the Best Educational Experience in Philadelphia in this year's Winnie #FamilyFavorites awards!

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Fall registration is open!

           Registration is open for the fall session. Classes start September 12, 2018! 

   We are offering some new classes- Babies Msuic Class   Rhythm Kids®    and  Music Together con Español               


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