Music Together® Online

With  Muisc Together® Online,  you'll have access to the same hogh-quality music and movement curriculum loved by millions of families and teachers around the world-from home!

During each live/interactive mini class, your favorite teachers from Enchanted Music Together will lead activites for you and your whole family to sing,play, and jam along to.  We'll be using songs from the collection associated with  the fall, winter,spring and summer collections, and your teacher will show you how to make everyday items like dishtowels or cloth napkins, pots and stuffies into musical props!  Classes are appropriate for children under 5, and the whole family is welcome (and encouraged) to participate!

When you enroll, you will receive a code to download your music through our award winning Hello Everybody App, a hard copy songbook, and an invitation to our private FaceBook Group/your famialy portal, where we will share musical insperation and activities to try at home, and where you can connect with other enrolled paretns/caretakers.

Music Together® will be offered ( as of right now) for May, June and part of July of 2020.

     • At least one weekly 30 minute Zoom Class led by a trainedearly childhood                music educator.

    • Access to our private Facebook group "Enchanted MT Family & Friends".

    • A dedicated Family Portal page on our website with additionaal videos, including

      parent edcuation, sing a long books, activites to do at home,  and more.

   • Printables and other downloadable family resources, including coloring pages,

     musical games, and more.

    • Current Song Collection materials ( songbook, CD,download code) mailed directly to 

     your door.

   • Access tto your music through a award winning Hello Everybody App


This package of online music expreriences and resourses create a comprehensive music-

learning program for young children of the highest caliber, just as you would expect

from Music Together®.