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Spring Registration is open!

           Registration for spring classes opens February 10, 2018!  Classes start 3/19/18

                      Register here         Our spring schedule. Remember to click on the spring 2018 tab to see the schedule.

Try a music and movement class that is more than just entertainment! It's "edutainment"!

Do you feed you child only one type of food? NO!

Do you speak to you child in one tone? NO! 

Tired of all the same "Barnyish" sounding songs for your children? YES!

Learn how to actiely make music with your child in a playful supportive environment to support and nurish your childs musical development, which can open doors beyond your imagination.    

 Our spring  schedule.               

Schedule a Trial Class  any time during our current semster!

Exciting News!

            Is your child ready for Rhythm Kids®?



This premier music and drumming program is being piloted at Enchanted Music Together.

Level 1 (ages 4-5) and Level 2 (ages5-8) .

It is a fun program to help prepare children for the next step in their music development. 

We sing,dance, move, create, drum, compose, conduct and play music-based games

so children can learn the fundamental components of music. Plus it’s so much FUN!

       * Animal Collection Songbook
       * 2 CDs with music created for Rhythm Kids®
       * Interactive Tutorials- Online Practice ( Level 2)

    Learn more about Level 1    Learn more about Level 2