Mixed Ages

Anna Simons
Trinity Center For Urban Life (location map)
Thursday, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
01/11/18 - 03/15/18 (10 weeks)

Music Together® offers its Mixed Ages class because child development researchers have found that grouping together children of varying ages fosters natural, family-style learning. Children are inspired and stimulated through interaction with peers of different ages: younger children watch and imitate older ones, older children lead younger ones, and adults are happy because their children are in class together. Plus, any or all of your child's caregivers—parents, grandparents, nannies—can come share in the experience, both in class and at home. The whole family is welcome!


For Babies:  With Music Together®, you can learn lots of musical ways to interact and bond with your new baby, while supporting her development in these important early years. Your baby’s musicality is just waiting to blossom, and now is the time to give it the loving care it needs. Your baby will engage at his own level, vocalizing, moving, listening, observing, and exploring musical instruments.

For Toddlers: When you bring the power of music into your toddler’s life with Music Together®, you offer them a playful learning environment that is also immediately accessible. We provide children a wealth of musical experiences to share with the grownups who love them, as the adults learn to continue the play at home. With songs in a range of musical styles—lyrical to blues, world music to folk, along with fun and developmentally appropriate activities, your toddler receives a rich music experience that stimulates and supports their growing skills and understanding.

For Preschoolers: Your preschooler has the chance to be a role model for younger children in our Mixed-age Class, which builds your child’s confidence and leadership skills. Different learning styles are embraced in a musically rich environment that welcomes a preschoolers' participation, however they choose to engage with it. Music Together stimulates and supports your three-, four-, or five-year-old's growing musical creativity, enthusiasm, and skills.

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To see a mixed age class in action, check out this wonderful video at musictogether.com